3 Home Alone Gift Basket Ideas for the Christmas Holidays

The Christmas season is here, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than settling in for the family favourite, Home Alone? This year, spread the joy by thoughtfully curating Home Alone-themed gift baskets, whether it’s for a family movie night with your kids or as a gift for your best friend.

With The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook now out (yay!), here are 3 themed baskets to gift the gift of Christmas to your Home Alone-loving friends and family.

Home Alone Movie Night Magic Gift Basket:

@brytontaylor It's time for a Home Alone Movie night! Pack a bright red bowl full of themed goodies as a gift basket to build anticipation for the movie night 📽️🍿 . . . . #movienightideas #giftbasket #giftideas #christmasgiftideas #christmasgiftbasket #homealone #homealonemovie #christmasmovienight ♬ Holiday Flight – John Williams

Christmas isn’t complete without a cozy family night in front of the TV. Pack a bright red bowl with these tasty goodies and gift it to your kids to wake up to on Saturday morning in anticipation of your movie night.

  • Pepsi: Sip with Fuller or amp it up with Fuller’s Pepsi Floats from the cookbook – the choice is yours!
  • Chocolate syrup and jumbo marshmallows: Stash Neapolitan ice cream in the fridge, and let them go wild making their own Junk ‘n’ Rubbish Sundae! Try the cookbook’s homemade sundae fudge sauce for an extra delicious twist.
  • Popcorn: It’s a movie classic and Kevin’s freedom snack of choice. Grab a bag, and earn bonus parent points by letting them jump on the bed, just like Kevin! 
  • The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook. Pair it with a fun drink from the cookbook, like the family-friendly Paint Can Punch, to amp up your movie night essentials.

‘Lovely’ Cheese Pizza Party Gift Basket:

If your best friend shares Kevin’s love for a ‘Lovely’ Cheese Pizza, our Pizza Party Gift Basket is a taste of heaven. Packed for a weekend of homemade pizza, this basket includes:

  • Essentials: Bread flour, yeast, and tomato paste, sparing you all a last-minute store run.
  • Pizza Tools: Upgrade from a baking tray with a pizza stone for that perfect crispy crust, and a pizza cutter for the finishing touch.
  • Gourmet Toppings: Elevate your pizza night with artisanal toppings, turning it into a slice of heaven.
  • The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook: No need to hunt around online for a perfect pizza recipe. Dive into the cookbook and follow the iconic ‘Lovely’ Cheese Pizza.
@brytontaylor 🍕Fun way to theme up a Christmas gift for the Home Alone fan in your life. 🎁🌲 . . . . . #homealonemovie #homealone #christmasgift #christmasgiftideas #christmasgiftbasket ♬ original sound – Bryton Taylor

Home For Christmas Baker’s Bliss Gift Basket:

For the aspiring baker in your life. This gift basket is a sweet treat, brimming with baking essentials, including:

  • Christmas-Ready Tools: Spruce up their kitchen with jolly red tools – a festive spatula, a bright red mixing bowl, and holiday-themed cookie cutters.
  • Premium Baking Ingredients: Ensure they’re armed with the best ingredients for culinary success. From cake flour to high-quality chocolate and vanilla extract, this basket has them covered.
  • Festive Kitchen Accessories: Infuse holiday spirit into their kitchen with themed oven mitts and towels, making baking a joyous affair.
  • The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook: Relive nostalgic 90s childhood bites with recipes like Crowbar Crunch or 10% of the (Cookie) Dough.

This holiday season, go beyond the usual gifts and surprise your loved ones with a Home Alone-inspired gift basket tailored to their interests. With the addition of The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook, you’re not just giving a gift – you’re giving a taste of their favorite Christmas movie.

Happy holidays!

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