Host Your Own 90’s Home Alone Movie Night

A lovely cheese pizza just for me.”

Get ready to dive into the Christmas classic you loved as a kid! Gather your friends and family and kickstart the holiday season in style. Whether you’re looking to make your own ‘lovely’ cheese pizza or indulge in the iconic junk ‘n’ rubbish sundae, you’ll find it all here.

Home Alone

Serve Up The 5 Iconic Home Alone Foods For Your Movie Night

Would Home Alone really be the movie it is without a ‘lovely’ cheese pizza or a ginormous mound of ice cream smothered with marshmallows and chocolate sauce?

I don’t think so.

If Home Alone is your go-to Christmas movie, recreate the iconic foods from Home Alone to add an extra layer of nostalgia and fun to your movie night.

Create a Home Alone-Themed Grazing Platter

From Mac-and-Cheese balls to mini Little Nero’s pizzas, combine all the best foods from Home Alone onto one bite-sized board.

Prop Replicas: Get Creative with Your Home Alone Movie Night

Recipes are just the beginning. Bring your favourite movie scenes to life by serving up pizza in a full-sized Little Nero’s pizza box or invite everyone around with a replica 90’s American Airlines boarding ticket.

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