Who hasn’t dreamed of creating the food spread from Bilbo Baggins’ pantry or sitting down to a lovely cheese pizza a la Home Alone?

Bringing food scenes to life extends our experience with the movies we love to watch. When we recreate these recipes, it gives us something tangible to share with our friends and family.

And that’s how memories are created. Here on Popcorn Pairings, you’ll find recipes to recreate those iconic food scenes yourself. Or if you’re looking to compile the best of the best, check out the themed grazing platters for your next movie night.

Whatever you choose, I hope these recipes inspire you to make your own magical memories.

If we haven’t met before over on InLiterature.net, hi, I’m Bryt! I’ve been recreating recipes inspired by novels and children’s books since 2008. Many books have made their way to the big screen, and I’ve loved following them there.

When asked to write The Unofficial Home Alone Cookbook with Adams Media in 2023, followed by The Unofficial Elf Cookbook in 2024, I set up Popcorn Pairings to continue what I love: recreating recipes from iconic food scenes.

Some of my favorite movie memories come from summers at the Hanover Drive-In in Ontario. The smell of popcorn as my aunt made a fresh batch is still one of my favorite scents, and popcorn remains my favorite snack food. It was an absolute treat when we chose movie posters to bring home!

Popcorn Pairings is my way of sharing my love of the movies with you. Whether it’s crafting a quick butterbeer for a Harry Potter marathon, baking Lembas bread for a Lord of the Rings rewatch, or mixing up the perfect milkshake for a nostalgic Grease screening, I’m here to help you bring a bit of movie magic to your kitchen.

So, whether you’re a die-hard movie buff, a food enthusiast, or someone looking to sprinkle a bit of extra magic into a weekend meal, I hope these recipes help inspire you to make your own magical memories.


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